Duck Fried Rice Or Anything Fried Rice


Although, not authentic, Fried Rice captures the spirit of Chinese American. Hardworking and accommodating, Chinese immigrants created dishes that appealed to the American palate. They drew in crowds with dishes like General Tso’s Chicken, Beef and (American) Broccoli, and Crab Rangoon. This provided income to many Chinese American households. For this Chinese New Year, I want to pay respect to the hard working communities that have been the backbone of American culture.

For this Chinese American meal, I made an ultra decadent version of fried rice that really only took a few extra minutes and fun garnishes. Making a huge tray of this is a sure fire party pleaser. This recipe is just a guideline so make it your own. All you really need is leftover rice, egg, bits of cooked meat, and garlic and the rest is up to your imagination. Add pre cooked shrimp, tofu, or greens. Leftover cold and hard rice works best. Freshly steamed rice will come out pretty soggy.


For this decadent version, I cooked up some chopped Chinese sausages or Lop Cheong in Cantonese, kunchiang in Thai. I had a roast duck earlier in the week that I shredded up some meat and crisp up the skin to save for garnish. I love how the sweetness of the Chinese sausage draws out the flavors of roast duck. If you don’t either of one these things, just sauté some small bits of pork or chicken.